Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day of school

Well, here we are a week into school and I'm now posting about it. Sophia is in kindergarten and Ellie in preschool. Soph loves school and wakes up excited to go! Ellie is a little on the fence about things. She loves being able to play, but she told me "I just wish you could come with me"! Oh, melt my heart! She's definitely a Momma's girl! I wouldn't have even put in her school, but she begged and begged to go last year when we would drop Soph off at preschool! We told her that she could go this year, and I hated to back out on my word. Even though I really, really want her home with me!

Soph went right into her class, sat at her desk and didn't even look back. I'm glad she didn't have any hesitation, but a little hug would've been nice, haha!

Both girls are having a bit of a hard time getting use to not taking naps. They're pretty cranky, honestly. They're in bed by 6 every night. Seriously. Which is awesome during the week but not so much on the weekends when they're up at 6:30.

Here's to a good first week! Hopefully the rest of the year is the same!

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